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L Arginine, Co Enzyme Q 10, Lycopene, Zinc and Piperine Tablet

PACKING 1 x 10’s Alu-AluPack
Composition: Each Film Coated Tablet Contains -
Co-Enzyme Q10 100.00 mg
L Arginine 100.00 mg
Lycopene 10% Powder 5.00 mg
Zinc (Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate) 7.50 mg
Piperine 5.00 mg


Nutraceuticals in Male Infertility -
Lycopene: It is an Anti-oxidant (neutralizes of free radicals) It neutralizes R.O.S. Thus lycopene protects cell membrane, mitochondria, nucleus of sperm and ovum. It is a powerful anti-oxidant, therefore, Improves Sperm concentration, Improves Sperm activity and Improves Sperm cell shape.

L –Arginine: L - Arginine helps in Production of Nitric Oxide.This Nitric oxide helps in vaso-dilation and thereby improves blood circulation throughout the body including sex organs and corrects ED(Erectile dysfunction). Studies says that L-Arginine plays an active role in Sperm Formation.

Coenzyme Q10: Helps increase sperm, count and motility. Supplementation with exogenous CoQ(10) may play a positive role in the treatment of asthenozoospermia, which probably the result of its role in mitochondrial bioenergetics and its antioxidant properties.

Selenium: Selenium is believed to be good for sperm mobility. Nearly 50% of the selenium in a man is in the testes and seminal ducts; men lose selenium in their semen. Supportive function of selenium in health and disease (male infertility, viral infections, including HIV, cancer, cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases) in great number of clinical examinations. A great number of studies confirm that selenium supplementation plays a preventive and therapeutic role in different diseases.

Zinc: Required for a healthy male reproductive system and sperm production.Zinc is required for the production of testosterone and zinc content in the prostate gland and sperm is higher than in any other body tissues.


  • Helps to improve motility of sperms and kinetic features of semen
  • L Arginine helps to stimulate reproductive organs by improving fertility
  • Additional ingredients like Zinc, Selenium and Lycopene to provide nutritive condition and improve chances of fertility in male
  • Enhances metabolism & spermatogenesis

L Carnitine, Co Enzyme Q 10, Lycopene, Zinc Tablet

PACKING 1 x 10’s Alu-AluPack
Composition: Each Film Coated Tablet Contains -
Co-Enzyme Q10 50.00 mg
L Carnitine 500.00 mg
Lycopene 10% Powder 2.50 mg
Zinc (Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate) 5.00 mg


REPHERTILE is a “Fortified Power” of proven micronutrients in ideal strengths for idiopathic male subfertility.
It has 4 key constituents -

  • Co – Q10: Improves sperm motility through mitochondrial ATP generation
  • L-Carnitine: Improves sperm maturation in epididymis & overall sperm morphology. It also improves sperm motility additionally by ATP generated through fatty acid oxidation
  • Lycopene: A strong antioxidant, prevents sperm damage by ROS – improves sperm morphology, increases sperm count

Inositol, L-carnitine, Co-enzyme Q 10, Folic Acid & Mineral Sachet

PACKING 10 x 7.5 g Sachet
Composition: Each Film Coated Tablet Contains -
Inositol 2.00 g
L Carnitine 500.00 mg
Co enzyme Q 10 100.00 mg
L Methyl folate 1.00 mg
Zinc 7.50 mg
Selenium 70.00 mcg


Female Formula helps in Infertility / PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) -

  • As an Anti-Oxidant Therapy for Oxidative Stress to Improve Egg & Oocyte quality
  • Helps restore Ovarian Activity in PCOS Patients
  • Helps PCOS Patients to improve Insulin Sensitivity, Improved Glucose Tolerance and Decreased Glucose Stimulated Insulin Release.
  • Helps restore Hormonal Balance
  • Helps prepare patients undergoing Multiple Follicular Stimulation for IVF
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